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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a full service real estate brokerage?

Yes. LAKEFRONT LIVING REALTY franchisees are independently owned & operated full service real estate brokerages specializing solely on the sale of direct lakefront property.

Are the properties shown on your site just your listings?

No. Our sites represent EVERY lakefront property for sale in the states we cover. The site is updated hourly to provide buyers the most up to date and comprehensive list of lakefront properties on the web.

Do you just show direct lakefront property?

Yes. Every new property coded as “waterfront” that comes on the market is pre-screened daily. Only direct lakefront properties make the cut and are placed on the site alongside their specific lake page.

How do I find information on a specific lake?

Since 2003, we have been collecting data on every lake in the country. Every property you find on our site will have a specific lake link attached. There you will find details such as boating restrictions, swimming data, boat launches, fishing info, weed count, size & depth, etc.

Why should I use a lakefront Buyer Agent?

Purchasing lakefront property is unlike any other real estate. Remember, the listing agent represents the SELLER, not you! Our knowledgeable Buyer Agents represent your best interests, keep you from making mistakes, and cost you nothing. Why wouldn’t you use a Buyer Agent?

How can I get properties (that fit my specific needs) sent to my e-mail?

Sign up for our Lakefront Auto-SEARCH© feature! You will be sent only direct lakefront property that fit your specific criteria. There are several other benefits to this service also. It’s free, fast and focused.

How can I learn more about purchasing lakefront property?

Once a year, we hold our popular “Keys to Buying Lakefront Property” Seminar in Mansfield, MA. Every question you could possibly have is answered by live experts in the industry. You walk away with a complete lake book and maybe even a new kayak! Learn more here.

Are there other ways to learn more about the lakefront lifestyle?

There are several ways to learn more:

  • Register to receive our weekly lakefront e-newsletter. See examples
  • Read “The Lake Guy’s Blog” here
  • Read about many common lake facts here
  • Learn about all things lakefront on The Lake Channel
  • You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

I’m looking to sell my lakefront home…How are you different than every other Realtor?

Lakefront property is unique, your home is unique... and it takes a focused marketing approach to attract & educate the best buyers for your lakefront property. Here are the top 5 reasons why sellers choose Lakefront Living Realty.

What is the most important thing to do when selling my lakefront home?

Complete a professional real estate appraisal. Want to reduce time on market and place thousands of dollars more in your pocket? We can’t stress this enough... and here’s why!

Why is it so difficult to find direct lakefront property on the internet?

When a new property is entered into an MLS system, there are all kinds of choices for waterfront. Therefore, everything is lumped together: ponds, streams, rivers, lake view, lake access, deeded rights, oceanfront, etc. 70% of what you see coded as lakefront online is really not. Our sites filter that out and just keep the 30% direct lakefront. We have taken a 3 hour internet search down to 30 seconds!

Are all the properties in Berkshire County MA direct lakefront?

No. Based on user feedback, we added some properties that may not be directly on the water. Berkshire County features many “lakeside communities” where nearby homes have full deeded rights to the lake. They provide a very similar lakefront experience at a lower cost than direct lakefront.