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Meet the Lake Team


On The Lake Realty is designed to provide lakefront buyers and sellers the most knowledgeable and experienced representation in the industry.

Karen Millikan, Broker/Owner

Lakefront Living, On The Lake Realty, Buyer/Listing Agent, Realtor®

All lake, all the time! No one knows Tennessee lakes better than those who have lived and played on them for over 20 years. That is what Karen Millikan bases her business model on. When you live, love, and work the lakes, you become the “Go-To” Realtor for all lake property. Karen moved to the Tennessee area in 1998 just to be on a larger body of water. She wanted her 3 children to grow up on a large, sports-oriented lake. On the shore of Tellico Lake was where she and her family landed. Karen felt the passion for lakefront dreams early on and immediately decided to dedicate her life back into her real estate career helping others, like her, find the perfect fit for lakefront on any budget.

Purchasing Tennessee lakefront property is different than any other real estate. Lakefront homes and homesites have a unique quality that all other types of real estate do not. Karen has lived and worked the Tennessee lakes for over 20 years and has been all over most of the large bodies of water - and Tennessee has some of the largest lakes in the country! Knowledge and experience are the KEY to help guide you through to your dream lakefront home purchase or the sale of your unique existing lake front home.

When you have lived and know all the aspects of living the lakefront lifestyle…from boating, fishing, to watersports and so many other activities, you become the local expert.

Put Karen’s experience to work for you!

In the Words of Karen’s favorite musician, “Who lives like we do? …WE DO!” (Kenny Chesney)

Contact Karen at (800) 884-2260 or

Kody Millikan, Lakefront Specialist


Kody Millikan's experience, passion for service and integrity have allowed him to build a stellar reputation among lake front clients and real estate professionals. Raised in Tennessee, 20+ years of living on Tellico Lake, and 8 years of sales experience, Kody has the background and skills to help you work through each step of the lakefront buying or selling process on any of the 7 lakes In East Tennessee. Kody loves showing and selling lakefront homes and homesites and thrives in the ever-changing lakefront real estate market, helping buyers and sellers every day to navigate the dynamic lakefront landscape. Let Kody show you what it is like to “Live” your dream!

Contact Kody at (423) 371-3176 or

Mike Hogan, Lakefront Specialist


Mike Hogan moved to Knoxville, TN in 2005, and as it turned out, it was one of the best decisions of his life. He has been a boater all of his life, and as an Army brat growing up and boating on many different lakes, soon learned that there are no better lakes for boating than those offered in East Tennessee. All of the TN river systems are operated and controlled by the TVA for flood control, but offer tremendous recreational opportunities as well.

Mike has been representing sellers and making buyers' dreams come true in East Tennessee since 2006. He specializes in all communities surrounding Tellico and Fort Loudon lakes.

Please give Mike a call anytime and schedule your tour to learn more about all the advantages of Lakefront Living in East Tennessee.

Contact Mike at (865) 583-9331 or

Polly Harrison, Lakefront Specialist


Polly Harrison recently moved to Vonore from Florida and traded the beach life for the lake life! She graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management and used her passion of service and the outdoors to travel seasonally in the mountains in western states before settling down here to call East Tennessee home. She is strong and passionate about helping buyers and sellers with their dream lakefront home purchase or sale and anticipating the needs of clients to guide them during the process.

Polly's first priority is to listen to clients wants and needs and real estate concerns. Polly is excited to share her knowledge and build trusting relationships so she can best serve those wanting to live the lakefront living lifestyle!

Contact Polly at (865) 776-5588 or

Jack Vincent, Lakefront Specialist


Born and raised in Michigan, Jack Vincent and his wife Connie have lived in many parts of the USA and traveled around the world and they found that there is no better place to live, raise a family, or retire than East Tennessee. It has it all – location, climate, recreation opportunities, and down to earth people. And if you can live on or near the lake or golf course, it is icing on the cake.

Jack and his family have lived in the Knoxville area since 1978 and on Tellico Lake for over 25 years. Jack has been selling lakefront and luxury homes for 10 years, and as a retired Navy Pilot (moving often), Jack understands the importance of a smooth process when making short or long-term real estate decisions, and the importance of a realtor who is dedicated to serving their client.

Jack worked as a manager at the Tennessee Valley Authority for 10 years. He was there when Tellico Lake was formed and has watched the area develop over the years. He worked for many years as a consultant, and enjoys helping people and solving problems. His abilities, experience and knowledge of the local area and its lakes enable him to effectively serve both buyers and sellers in accomplishing their objectives. Jack will help you sell your property or find the property you want for the price you desire.

Jack is part of a team of real estate professionals at Lakefront Living. Their extensive inventory of desirable properties and the network of offices and agents from the Great Lakes to South Florida have proven to be a successful marketing combination in the growing area of East Tennessee.

If you want all the facts about lakefront and mountain land and residential or commercial properties in Knox, Blount, Loudon, and Monroe Counties, contact Jack!

Contact Jack at (865) 256-1780 or

Sandor Pardi, Lakefront Specialist


Sandor Pardi was raised in Tennessee but after graduation he left his beloved Tennessee and served in the Air Force for ten years. After serving his country and seeing the world he found himself back where he belonged, in East Tennessee. Sandor entered the IT profession at Maryville College for 13 years and then worked for the Department of Energy at Oak Ridge until he decided to follow a passion and make the jump to real estate.

Sandor has family in Tellico Village and has spent many years enjoying the lake lifestyle the Tennessee lakes offer. In addition to the lakes of East Tennessee, Sandor enjoys the beautiful Smoky Mountains either in a “fun car” or on his motorcycle. “There is nothing like the Tail of the Dragon,” Sandor says! As a local he has great insight into all the local area has to offer to new folks that are finally ready to come relax in Tennessee and find their piece of paradise!

Contact Sandor at (865) 518-6552 or

Alan Patterson, Lakefront Specialist


Alan Patterson has been a resident of Kingston, TN nearly his entire life. Alan grew up fishing and boating on Watts Bar Lake, and still visits the water every chance he gets. He has a B.B.A. in Business Management and B.B.A. in Business Finance, both of which helped fuel his savviness when it comes to real estate dealings. Alan has bought and sold his own properties, giving him an insider's view of what each client wants and needs. Working with you, Alan will find the perfect lakefront home that caters to your craving for a beautiful view and on-the-water recreation. He has a deep passion for ensuring each client's happiness, and understands that every detail is important when it comes to finding the right lakefront home for you.

Alan also understands the importance of communication with all of his clients. Buyers and sellers can expect their ideas and concerns to be taken seriously, and trust that Alan's experience in real estate will lead them to the door of their new lakefront home.

Contact Alan at (865) 466-3431 or

Oceana Richards, Lakefront Specialist


Oceana is a 6th+ generation Monroe County East Tennessean bringing her passion and dedication of serving others to the Lakefront Living, On The Lake Realty group.

Having a steadfast upbringing focused on respect and integrity, you can look forward to unparalleled attention to detail in any real estate transaction process, be it residential or commercial.

Oceana has expansive experience in many different aspects of the professional sales world ranging from lower level retail extending into corporate level sales and is eager to bring her knowledge, skills and abilities to the Real Estate Market.

Expect an unmatched level of workmanship and customer service along with the assurance of knowing you, your family, and your home are in safe hands.

Please take a brief moment to get to know Oceana via e-mail or phone with any and all inquiries regarding any and every aspect of the Real Estate transaction process.

Contact Oceana at (423) 836-2526 or

Jennifer Boldizsar, Lakefront Specialist


Jennifer moved from Florida in 2022 and has been quickly discovering all about the East Tennessee Lake area.

Jennifer comes from a background in pharmaceuticals but now loves combining the right buyers with a great property whether it is a primary home, vacation home, or a beautiful lakefront homesite to build on. She has been involved in building multiple homes in Florida and understands the process people go through when building.

Jennifer's adult children now live in the Northeast and she visits them often. She brings her love of the water, boating, and the great outdoors to the Tellico Lake area. In addition, Jennifer enjoys traveling, walking her dog, and meeting new people.

Please let Jennifer help you find your next dream home! You will be impressed by her diligent work ethic and friendly nature.

Contact Jennifer at (813) 240-9642 or

Hayden Fry, Lakefront Specialist


Welcome! I’m Hayden Fry, your trusted Realtor specializing in lakefront properties and homes. I have spent my whole life in East Tennessee and am familiar with areas stretching from Bristol to Chattanooga! Why spend time at the beach when you can spend your summers on the lakes and rivers of East TN? I want you to be a part of the place I LOVE and know you will soon come to call home!

I am dedicated to providing personalized, top-notch service, guiding you through every step of the process. With my extensive knowledge of local lakefront markets, keen negotiating skills, and commitment to your satisfaction, I am here to help you find your dream lakefront home or successfully market your current property. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and make your lakefront dreams a reality!

Contact Hayden at (423) 836-0922 or

Buyer’s Agents, Realtors®

Premier Lakefront Specialists

We realized early on that it is very difficult for a lakefront buyer to find a Real Estate Agent that has specific lakefront experience in an area that they are interested in. To better serve buyers, we affiliate ourselves with a number of hand-picked Realtors® that have intimate knowledge of their lakefront neighborhoods. Most of them live on a lake themselves and all are trained & certified as Premier Lakefront Specialists. This ensures that each client receives an impeccable level of service from a local agent with specific lakefront knowledge. This unique service has become one of our founding principles: Global Presence, Local Knowledge.